How I Saved over 1250$ on Our Cell Phone Plan

I don’t know for all of you, but here in Canada, we get ripped off on our Cell phone Plans. As our contract came to an end and my phone was literally dying, I had to find a solution. With my SO’s phone being brand new and paid, it gave me an idea.

Whether you live in Canada or not you can still apply the tricks to your local service provider if the following option is available.

I’ll share the steps, It took to saving over 1250$ on our double service two-year plan. Even though my phone was broken I didn’t buy another one. We changed service provider and chose a plan suited to our needs without giving up the service we needed.

Tip #1: Don’t Buy a New Phone:

Before buying a phone, I went to a phone repair shop. He was charging me 200$ to replace my charging dock and battery. The repairmen told me the parts each ranged between 30-50$.

Luckily my SO is very good with cellphones and offered to try and repair it so we can save money. I ordered both parts for under 40$ for both parts. I was worth the risk at worst I’ll buy a refurbished phone on Best Buy.

**This is a delicate operation, I suggest watching how to videos and looking at the specs of each phone component you replace.  For example, we learned the tough way that a phone battery that is stronger will kill your phone in the next couple of months.**

Best Buy refurbished phone! You can get a decent phone for not too expensive and they have a wide variety of popular brands. If you don’t need the latest phone on the market, why pay an extra 360$ per contract (save 15$/month on a 2-year contract with Virgin Mobile)

Tip #2: Change Service Provider:

There are so many providers on the market ready to hand you the moon just to get your business. Shop around, don’t be shy to switch, many will offer first-time customer amazing promotion.

Choosing virgin mobile involved a compromise between customer service quality and service coverage. I’ve been with virgin mobile before and the service sucked big time. Took me 5 years to change my cell phone contract to my name after turning 18. (You can’t have a phone contract under your own name before 18 years). I couldn’t resist the low prices, plus they have amazing coverage in remote areas.  We often go up north with Kyrra for some outdoor activities, in case of emergency we need to have our phones working.

Tip #3: Choose the Right Plan:

Once my SO finished paying off the cellphone portion of his contract, we got a rebate of 10$ on our monthly bill which was 167$. YIKES, feeling insulted after giving them 9 years of customer loyalty they only give us 10$ off… That’s when he told me to start shopping for a plan with various service providers. All the big-name providers were charging us 109$ + tax for a new cellphone and its contract with low amounts of internet data.

As I dug through service provider websites, I started to notice ‘‘Bring your own phone contracts”. We needed at least 8G of internet use for both of us, I need Canada wide Calling, unlimited text message, voicemail, and caller id.

With my phone costing only less than 40$ to repair and his being brand new, I decided we were going to keep our phone and only pay for service. We ended up with 2 contracts contain: 6GB of internet each, unlimited Canada wide calling, unlimited text, voicemail and caller id for 112.68$ a month for both. Saving us 55$ a month or 1272$ for the two-year contract.

If we both would have taken a new phone with our old service provider for less service than what we currently got. It would have been 250.65$ a month for both, meaning: we saved 3312$ on our contract.

Are your new phones really worth 3312$? (we were looking at iPhone 7 and a Samsung Galaxy 8, which aren’t the latest trend) Seriously, I think it’s a waste of money. Let me know in the comments below what you think.

Though out my search, I was told that the best time for deals on contracts is in March and on weekends: At Best Buy prices go up on Monday morning and go back down for the weekend.

With that being said I’ll definitely re-visit contract prices next march to see if I can lower the price again. And I’ll never pay for a phone on a service contract ever again!

Tip #4: Ask for the Price Adjustments to be Authorized

Make sure you’re able to modify your plan accordingly anytime you want. When finalizing your new contract double check for the clause in order to benefit from future promotions.  I had the option of paying 7$ a day for equal service when I went south of the border. Some provider may lock you in for two years and not let you change any features of your plan for the next two years, but what if your needs change.

Tip #5 Don’t Compromise Essential:

Unless you are really committed to changing your internet habit, your usage will most likely increase over the next few years as the newer content requires more data. The only way to reduce your bill by sacrificing internet data you have started working from home and don’t use your internet data out of your home wi-fi as much.

Some service providers can charge us up to 7$ a month to get Canada-wide calling while others gladly give it with any two-year contract. If you don’t have family, work, friend or any call to make outside your province, then only paying for local calling can save you a little bit. It might be a budget killer if you make an accidental call outside of local calling. It’s your judgment call.

If like me you keep in touch through text and love to send pet picture to your friends, make sure to have unlimited texting. Be careful if you do not have that option texting fees can be very costly.


We could have gone with cheaper 39.99$ or even 29.99$ deals except the providers offering it doesn’t even cover where we live on the edge of suburbs. If you don’t plan on leaving the big city these providers (Public mobile, Chat-r, Koodo) can help you save even more.

When choosing your service provider and plan make sure to establish your minimum needs, do not sign any contract under pressure.

Hopefully, these tips were helpful!

Let me know in the comments below how much you pay for your contract and what your paying for I’m curious to see how much people are paying around the world.

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