How to Prepare for Black Friday

Get ready for Black Friday

We all get excited when end of November arrives because of the American Thanksgiving week end sales which we all know as Black Friday. Here in Canada the deals aren’t as great and with the exchange rate it is rarely worth it to cross the south boarder.

Here are the tips I’ve found trough out the years that work for me to prepare for black Friday. I usually wait to buy big ticket items like vacuum cleaners, small kitchen appliances and electronics. Waiting also gives you time to clear out what you are already using. Example: I’ve been wanting to get an oil essential diffuser but I have a cupboard filled with scented candles therefore I have to use them up or sell them before purchasing my diffuser.

Make a List

Through out the year list anything you want to purchase, start tracking the prices of these item. It enables you to see the product’s value and see if its really worth it to buy during Black Friday. Unless there is a better sale through out the year. This will enable you to save and not over spend or get something you really don’t need.

Shop Around to See the Current Going Price

Once u have your list now go in stores ask questions on the product, make sure the product is suited to your need. More often then not when I want something and go in stores to ask question I find out that what I need is actually a smaller model, this is great news! You get to save yet again and I will save even more once I wait and purchase it in November.

Check for a New Version Coming out Soon

More often then no, product go up for sale when manufacturer are on the verge on launching a new version of the product or they’re liquidating inventory because they just launched a product not long ago. For example I wanted a Kitchen Aid stand mixer fore the longest time. I purchased it last year but I did not purchase the one I initial fell in love with. I asked around and went to stores to find out that the model I wanted was too small for my needs (I cook and bake way too much). Kitchen Aid had just made a huge promotion for their 600 series that was only available at Costco. I ended up getting the 500 series model which has multiple compatible attachment on special for the same price as the smaller model.

Make sure you’re Setting Aside Money

Now the point in waiting for these sales is to save money on big ticket purchases if you go in debt doing so it beats the purpose. Budgeting a small amount every month will enable to be stress free when splurging for these big ticket items or simply items to treat yourself. I usually allocate 10-30$ a week to saving account for Black Friday. Any addition to the list I adjust my saving allocation according to the sum of the value of the list.

Study Door Crasher Flyers!

Flyers and promotional ads are distributed a couple weeks ahead of time, take the opportunity to scour them and see if of your listed items. Ahead of time sign up for newsletters from brand of items you want to be purchase, you might get a surprise sale ad, coupons, or simply flyers ahead of time.

Scour flyers to see if your products are on sale else where, then inform yourself with your favorite loyalty program store to find out if they hold the item in stock and if they price match. If they do that’s a saving bonus for you!


Now that you know the what you’ll be purchasing, start looking for coupons to reduce cost of  items on your list.  They might not be big sum of money, but an additional 2-5$ of savings is always welcomed.

Happy Black Friday Shopping!

Let me know if you have questions/suggestions in the comments bellow!