The Cost of Purchasing a Dog

Kyrra when she was a puppy

First things first please research the bread of dog you want to purchase and truly question yourself if the bread fit your lifestyle no matter the changes that will happen in the next ten years because you are stuck with that furry buddy for the long-run. Hopefully. There are too many dogs being left on death-row because of the owner not educating himself beforehand.

Just like any important purchase in your life do your research before committing I’ve done some research and Kyrra still surprises me and is somewhat of a handful at times, but I made a commitment and owning a dog is a till-death-do-us-part engagement to my personal beliefs.


your Future furry best friend needs to be factored into your budget. Initial purchase cost varies greatly depending on a number of factors such as:
• Bread
• Bloodline
• Purchase-from a shelter/store or dog farm
• Age
• Handicap/ special needs
• Life expectancy
• Health state

Personally, I love dogs so much I would buy them all, but if I had a choice I would save a dog or any animal before investing on a pure bread. I have a pure bread husky name Kyrra, I love her and spoil her to death, but the next animal that steps in my house will be. A rescue for ethical reasons.

Getting a Puppy Costs…

Kyrra’s first vet visit!

Purchasing a puppy is always fun and cute, but they entail a lot of fees in their first year of life.

• 3-month vet bill

• Neutering at 6-month

• Vet visit for vaccine 6- months

Collar & harness: changing them as they grow.

Crate(s): if your getting a large bread to buy a large crate at the beginning, but make it comes with separators so you can grow your pup’s crate areas as he grows. Pick a crate size that your full grown dog can stand in and comfortable lay most of his fully extended body.

Specific puppy diet and supplements: talk to your vet to find out if your pup has specific dietary needs.

Potty training (it can cost you a whole floor in your home)

Trainer: surprisingly you need to be trained more than your dog does. Taking training classes with your puppy will enable you to properly communicate with your companion. It will also enable you to decode their own language. (Kyrra tends to communicate with her eyes, she look at me straight in the eyes, then look at what she want a.k.a. the peanut butter toast on the table)

Comfy bed: don’t splurge too much on puppy beds they with shred it. Look for beds that the dog can’t choke itself with. Ask for help in pet supply store, they will gladly guide you through a purchase. If you’re lucky they may even give you tips on products they don’t sell and refer you to the best option for your dog’s needs.

Babysitter: some dogs can’t stay home alone, try seeing a trainer, before for splurging on babysitting fees. For my dog, I pay 35$/day when I have to go out of town. Kyrra loves going, she gets to play with her friend all day, there’s dog pools, obstacle track, the trainers give them treats and belly rubs, they play games. Each dog has their own large loft.

• I would also a budget for damage. Kyrra went through two couches, 3 bedding sets, digging a hole on the property we rented, broke a fence and so on.

• Securing your property: puppy proof your house check for easy doors to open, hide precious objects, don’t leave anything hanging around it will get chewed.

Getting a Rescue Costs:

Rescue Dog
Someone in my family adopted this rescue! She was found with barely any food or water. She is so sweet and cuddly. All she wants is getting her ears rubbed

If you’re lucky the dog will be in great health, but often these dogs have been neglected and abused. These are the cost you need to keep in mind when rescuing a dog.

Initial vet visit for a full checkup: blood test, urine + feces test, rectal examination, inspection of the stat of skin etc.

Follow up bills: your dog may have condition that needs to be followed by a professional, the bills will add up quickly

First grooming experience: once your vet allows it, schedule an appointment with a groomer who has experience with rescue dogs. Stay with your dog to reassure them that there is no danger while the groomer does its job. Talk with the groomer to know if he/she notices problem spot while grooming your new dog. Depending on how chaotic that appointment was you may be able to wash your dog in the long run.

Professional trainer assessment: depend on the issues you have with your rescue (anxiety, aggressive, territorial etc) getting a professional opinion for the proper way to correct your new companion is greatly practical. It will make the adaptation for both you and your dog much easier.

Get an appropriately sized crate: Pick a crate size that your full grown dog can stand in and comfortable lay most of his fully extended body.

• Appropriate vet approved food/diet 80-120$ food pouch every 4-8week depending on the dog’s appetite.

Gear: winter boot, coats, collars leach, sweaters, leash so on… Depending on the bread some dog has trouble staying warm and other get heat stroke quickly from excess fur or skin conditions.

Poo bags: if you don’t pick your dog poo, you’re not responsible enough to own a dog period. It’s part of the game. You wouldn’t leave your child’s poo laying around on other people’s property? Would you? I think not!

• A big comfy bed for your dog. We all deserve a comfy bed. (Frugal advice: make sure to have a machine washable dog bed, they’re usually a bit more pricey but they’ll last longer)

The Real Yearly Cost of Owning a Dog:

Happy Husky
Kyrra’s face after hiking
  • Annual checkup (400$/yr 50lbs dog)

• Insurance (40$/month +)

• City annual fees(35$)

• Dog park fees * may or may not apply depending on facilities

• Nail trim every 3 weeks (5-10$) or invest in a dog nail clipper and learn how to trim your own dog’s nails to save money.

• Profession Grooming every season. These cuties need a bath a couple times a year.

• Home grooming tools: minimum hygiene requirement according to bread and personal dog needs.

• On hand tick remover: in the last couple of years there is a huge epidemic of ticks carrying diseases and dogs die from it.

• 81g aspirin children ’s, ask your vet how to use it for emergencies.

• Toys + games to keep your dog from boredom, which can lead to depression.

• Treats food (homemade treats)

• Vacuum cleaners! Anyone who owns an animal that sheds a lot knows what I’m talking about; not all vacuum cleaners are built to go up against intense fur shedding and dirt. Those hefty price tag appliances break a lot more than you think (blown engines for us).

• Medication: if your dog has any health issues such as diabetes, it can cost 150$ every three weeks for insulin.

• Clothing: yes some dogs require clothing especially if you are living in cold areas such as Canada and the northern part of the states. Dogs who are older or have thinner fur will require coats when spending time outside. If you take a daily walk in your neighborhood and your city puts salt in its street, your dog will have to wear boots so that the paws don’t get frostbit or salt burns.

• On hand medical kit.

Whether you rescue, purchase, or find a dog, it doesn’t matter as long as you treat them well and take good care of them. They will be eternally grateful and reward you with unconditional love.

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